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acting coach in los angeles John M Keating

John M Keating is a working actor, audition coach and former nationally touring comedian. John has coached thousands of actors on co-star, guest star and series regular auditions for both comedic and dramatic roles.

As a comic, John shared stages with acts ranging from “Weird” Al Yankovic, George Carlin and Barenaked Ladies.

He’s guest starred on CRIMINAL MINDS, THE MIDDLE, ANGER MANAGEMENT, DIARY OF A FUTURE PRESIDENT and also co-wrote and starred in THE CONCESSIONAIRES MUST DIE! (featuring Dan Lauria and the late Stan Lee), which was a featured selection at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and is currently on iTunes and Amazon.

As an acting coach, John loves working with actors on bringing their true selves to their acting craft and auditions.

John is represented by Joe Florance and Circle of 10 Talent.


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“I can’t give a compliment higher than calling someone the “real deal”. That’s exactly who John is. Not only is he knowledgeable about all aspects of the business, but he will get you ready for those big auditions. (You know, those auditions that you need to have up to competitive, producer standards.) He will give you the confidence to bring the real you to the work. And it doesn’t hurt that he laughs at all your lame jokes. 5/5 stars”

Mike Roche

“John is THE teacher for working actors. By taking his class not only did I see an uptick in callbacks and bookings, but through his teaching I also developed a clearer understanding of who I am as an actor. His insight, knowledge, and general care for his students makes his class absolutely invaluable.”

Madison Spear

“John has helped me trust myself as an actor and trust that my individuality is my greatest asset. With a positive and reassuring approach, he brings out the best in his students. ”

Hannah Palazzi

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