What Actors Say About John

“In this time of self-tapes and virtual auditions, John has been a lifesaver for me. Getting his feedback and direction has made me feel like I’m actually ACTING again and that has been wonderful.

He gives terrific redirects with common sense and compassion in equal measure. Every audition I have done with John, I have gotten great feedback from my reps. This is not an exaggeration. He’s easy to book with, easy to work with and also makes me laugh. Lucky me!”

Irene White

“John Keating is my acting coach and scene partner whenever I have a self-tape audition, because he not only understands the casting process but understands it from the perspective of being an actor himself.

I have also taken his audition technique class and highly recommend it for every actor, no matter what your background in acting. There are certain techniques he teaches that only someone who has been in the room with producers knows. His class is a safe place to make mistakes and a great place to get help.

John is a warm, caring and talented instructor.”

Candi Milo

“Simply put I love working with John, in any capacity.  I’ve worked with him as a fellow actor and as his director.  In each situation, he is professional, passionate, fun and kind. He goes above and beyond. His performances are grounded, nuanced and woven expertly with heart and humor.

I’ve also loved working with him as a writer.  His comedy punch up of my feature, which he also starred in, was invaluable and brought so much to the world.  The feature script he wrote is still one of my favorite scripts that I’ve read. He knows character and storytelling inside and out.”

America Young

“John has been my audition coach for a couple months now and I have never felt more confident with the tapes I have sent in since meeting him. He is caring, supportive, and so much fun to work with“

Tisha Custodio

“John is a fantastic coach (and teacher)—his knowledge as a coach and an actor AND a writer make him super attuned to the needs of every audition. He was my teacher both in person then via zoom—and absolutely helped me adjust to the new normal of virtual auditions with confidence. He’s great at seeing what your best interpretation of a character is and helping draw that out. I always felt excited after every audition he coached me for and 100% recommend him. Do it!! “

Pamela Mitchell

“John is a thoughtful, smart, and kind coach. He especially helped nudge me out of my comfort zone (and genre) with the perfect balance of coach and cheerleader. Would refer him to beginners and seasoned actors in a heartbeat!”

Annie Sertich

“They say that the best acting comes from relaxation and getting out of our own way. John absolutely provides that environment when coaching. He allows the actor to shine in their own unique way while nudging you into specificity. ”

Nichole Ghastin

“I took class with John in the “before times”, when we could be in the same room, and was always impressed with how good he was at breaking down a scene and easily communicating it to the actor. He’s even more indispensable now that we are all doing self tapes. I struggled at first, not having any feedback with or having anyone to play off of with my auditions. It was really stressful but all that changed when I was smart enough to start coaching with John.

Now, I feel much more confident in the tapes I am sending out.   He’s able to go exactly right to the  heart of the scene and knows how to guide you towards it. He is very good at seeing what your strengths are and helping to bring that to an audition. Plus, he makes it fun.”

Gary Rubenstein

“I have taken class and coached with John for many years and it has really helped my audition process. John is great at simplifying the whole process and making it all about the work and what I uniquely bring to each character. Sometimes I get stuck in my head wondering, “What do THEY want? What do I have to do to book this?!” and John is amazing at helping me put that brain garbage aside, focusing me back on the needs of the scene, and showing my best work to casting.”

Amy Schloerb

“John has a way of really pulling the best out of each actor individually. If you are looking for a class where you can develop as an actor and really flaunt your wings, sign up at G Charles Wright Studio!”

Jacqueline Nwankwo

“John Keating is hands-down the best audition acting coach there is in LA. I have worked with him for a few years and his coaching has been a game-changer for my auditions. His instincts as both an actor and a coach are spot-on and his direction has helped me learn to bring myself to every audition. Especially as a newer actor who auditions for so many one-liners and co-stars, which can be deceptively easy to over-think, John truly simplifies the process and makes it easy to find what my character wants in a moment.

He also has made the transition to working with actors over Zoom and on our self-tapes seamless, which is an essential skill for coaches and actors right now. I highly recommend coaching with John!”

Suzanne Mayes

“John helped me dramatically increase the amount of auditions and callbacks AND I booked my first co-star since I started working with him. True story! I was unaware there was a specific audition process until I met John. The first thing I do when I get an audition is contact John for an audition coaching session. Learning this process and working with John has been a total game changer”

Christian Crandall

“So happy to have found John who is now my audition coach and teacher.  Working with him has been one of the best things I could have done for my acting career. His insight and ability to break down the sides quickly and accurately has enabled me to give more depth to my auditions. With his excellent direction and encouragement I’m now much more confident in the self tapes I submit. He will help you take your self tapes to the next level.”

Mindee de Lacey

“I can’t give a compliment higher than calling someone the “real deal”. That’s exactly who John is. Not only is he knowledgeable about all aspects of the business, but he will get you ready for those big auditions. (You know, those auditions that you need to have up to competitive, producer standards.) He will give you the confidence to bring the real you to the work. And it doesn’t hurt that he laughs at all your lame jokes. 5/5 stars”

Mike Roche

“John is THE teacher for working actors. By taking his class not only did I see an uptick in callbacks and bookings, but through his teaching I also developed a clearer understanding of who I am as an actor. His insight, knowledge, and general care for his students makes his class absolutely invaluable.”

Madison Spear

“ John Keating was the catalyst to a successful start in my career. He’s a master at understanding the tone of scenes and pushes you to be your best. Not only did he teach me how to tackle auditions like a champ, but his knowledge of the industry and kind spirit are what keep me going. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.  ”

Megan Phu

“John has helped me trust myself as an actor and trust that my individuality is my greatest asset. With a positive and reassuring approach, he brings out the best in his students. ”

Hannah Palazzi

“In addition to the valuable insight that John has from his own work as an actor, he is exceptionally mindful of your personal goals.  I joined class and said, “I love paraphrasing and being loose with the script, so I want (read: need) to work on word perfect auditions.”  John heard that and when I’m working he watches what I say like a hawk! But in a very supportive way! If you tell him there’s something specific you want to improve on, he remembers.”

Jasper Lewis

“I was referred to John’s class by multiple different actors and it is clear why. I learned how to bring myself to the character in a way that celebrates who I am and what I am best at without apology. We talk openly and honestly as a class and are given kind guidance from John in regards to anything we may have questions about. It’s a supportive, fun, and loving atmosphere and I am so grateful for John’s coaching. “

Katie Schwartz

I’ve been taking class and coaching with John for a while now. I am beyond grateful I found him. He has an amazing way of making you feel comfortable while also getting your acting where it needs to be. I always feel good about my work after coaching with John. He has a simple way of helping you analyze sides that makes your performance truthful. He also knows the industry as a working actor himself! His students’ success speak to his abilities as a coach. Sign up for his class, you won’t regret it!

Jo-Marie Lawrence